Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello again!

The past year has brought about big changes in my life; some of them good, some of them disappointing.

I opened my own business, called The House Call Groomer, in July, and slowly but surely I am earning new regular customers. House call grooming is basically a form of mobile grooming where the groomer sets up "shop" in your home. It's definitely less stressful for your pet and hopefully more convenient for you! If you're interested in house call grooming, see if there's a groomer in your area that offers this.

After being separated for a year and a half (and with an impending divorce) I felt ready to start dating again. It has been quite an experience! For the most part, the men are very kind, and I have met some very interesting people. My roommate has proven to be a detriment, however, in this area. It seems like the older the man the more comfortable he is with the fact that I rent a room from my ex-husband of 10 years, Mark. I had the misfortune to meet a very special man, someone who I really connected with, who was decidedly NOT comfortable with my rooming situation, though. My heart was left slightly bruised from this. Ah, well, life goes on.

Christmas was wonderful this year. My business was running along smoothly and I had some new wonderful friends to celebrate with. Beth, PJ, and Marissa have been fantastic! Beth's kind nature has been so appreciated, and I am thankful for her friendship every day.

My children are happy and healthy. I'm doing karaoke a few times a week, dating up a storm, and seeing my friends as often as possible. My business is slowly building itself to the point where it will be self-sustaining. In all, life is very good for me at this point in time.

So how are things going on the Etsy front? Slow but steady! I haven't had time to crochet as often, and this year's breaking down of the washing machine definitely put a wrench in the works, but now I'm trying to get production back up. Christmas was a little slow, as I didn't have much product out there, but hopefully Valentine's Day will show an increase in sales. And even if it doesn't, I love making my little bowls!

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