Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who are we?

Jim, my husband, is an IT systems specialist and part-time woodworker. So far he hasn't posted any of his creations for sale, but I'm optomistic that he will soon. He has a great idea for dog stairs. We have a little Chihuahua who can't get on the bed by herself, and he thought it would be great to build her a little set of stairs. He'd like to build a few extra sets for those of you out there who have small and/or elderly dogs with the same problem. He's got great ideas and often inspires me to try a new crochet project.

Angela (that's me!) is a stay-at-home-mom. Several months ago I developed a severe panic disorder that prevents me from working, so I do what I can from our home. It's great spending so much time with my kids (together, we have six kids and one grandkid, so they keep us pretty busy). I picked up my crochet hook back in December '08 just for something to do, and it turned out to be very therapeutic. Now I crochet every chance I get. Don't tell Jim, but I'm usually rushing around the house an hour before he comes home, trying to complete chores shirked in favor of crocheting!

We are big believers in community involvement. Jim has two children with disabilities, so we donate fun items to UNM Children's Hospital for the kids there to make their stays less scary. We recently participated in the Ride for Kids, an annual nationwide bike run the benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. It was great!

Anyway, here's a picture of us from the run. 8) Have a good day!

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